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tv   Journal  KCSMMHZ  September 18, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> hello and welcome to "the journal." >> here is what is coming up in the next half hour. >> more anti-japan protest says china marks a historic anniversary. >> the suicide bomber killed at least 12 people in afghanistan in protest against a derogatory film about the profit mohammed. >> honduras has set the world's highest murder rate and there seems no way to stop it.
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>> fresh anti-japan protests have erupted across china's tensions between the two countries showed no sign of easing. >> as part of the dispute is a series of islands and the waters between china and japan that both sides claim are theirs. chinese ships have entered the waters around the island in an apparent escalation of conflict. >> many japanese businesses in china have suspended operations after a week of violent demonstrations. today's protest, a sensitive historic anniversary. >> in northern china, they are commemorating the 81st anniversary of the japanese invasion. it is a better time. in hong kong, thousands are marking the day with more protests against japan.
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but this outpouring of anger has a very current trigger -- a group of islands in the pacific. >> the japanese at zero china at a blood debt. they have never apologized or pay compensation. how dare they use such underhanded methods to invade the island and attempt to legalize it. >> we have to take a stand against it. >> japan has had control of the islands for 120 years. china's claim to sovereignty also goes back hundreds of years. last week, the japanese government bought three of the islands from a private owner in order to better utilize the area. as well as being a fertile fishing ground, the islands are rich in oil and natural gas. around 1000 chinese fishing boats are on their way to the islands accompanied by the chinese coast guard. japanese ships have also been sighted. the conflict could escalate very quickly.
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>> that china of today is a lot of the kind of country to be believed. the chinese government and chinese people will not allow our land to be abated. japan possibly the lack of purchasing the islands is not acceptable and will not be allowed. >> the atmosphere in china is becoming increasingly charge. here in beijing, japanese businesses have had to close for safety reasons. more and more japanese citizens are leaving the country. in tokyo, they're protesting also, against china. >> passions are running high on both sides. i asked our correspondent in beijing how she saw the situation developing. >> at the moment, china does not look ready to back down and have stoked the national sentiment further by sending patrol ships and fishing boats. by its own uncompromising rhetoric.
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the chinese foreign ministry spokesman said china is no longer a country to be believed. the action by the japanese, the buying of these islands, was not acceptable and will not be allowed. on the other hand, the authorities are worried that the rallies and demonstrations could get out of hand. we have seen a massive presence at the japanese embassy and the protest may not be allowed to could do much lumber. >> what can be done to diffuse this tension over this longstanding issue? >> there is no easy solution. first of all, here they wanted some sort of communication channel to be opened between the chinese and japanese sites at the moment, they don't even seem to be talking to each other. there is no imminent solution and site. >> thank you. >> the trial has and it died of a former police chief at the center of the biggest political scandal, the biggest in decades. the court says he did not
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contest the charges of abuse of power and bribery and admitted to trying to defect to the united states. the court said he tried to conceal the murder of a british businessman committed by the wife of one of the nation's most senior politician. the verdict is due in about 10 days. >> in the capital of afghanistan, a feeble suicide bomber has killed at least 12 people, most of them foreigners. the clip claiming responsibility said it was a reaction -- the group claiming responsibility said it was reaction to a film that was blasphemous to islam. >> this is the single deadliest incident connected to that film so far. >> little remains of the car the attacker used tear ran into a small bus on its way to the airport. most of the passengers were pilots for an international air cargo company. >> the foreigners killed in this
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attack or of russian and south african nationality. >> shortly after the explosion, a radical islamic group claimed responsibility for the attack, saying the bomber was a 20-year- old afghan woman. a spokesperson said the attack was retaliation for the anti- islam video, "innocence of muslims" which portrays the profit, as a womanizer and a child abuser. it has sparked protests across the moslem world and the past week. the death toll has risen to at least 30. >> at least seven soldiers are reported to having been killed after kurdish militants attacked a convoy and turkey. more than 50 people are injured. attackers fired several rockets at the convoy as it traveled in the country's east. the kurdish terrorist group is expected to be behind the attack. >> the new international peace on the way for syria has been
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meeting syrian refugees. he toured a camp in turkey where he was briefed by refugee representatives and local officials. the un estimates over 250,000 syrians have fled into neighboring countries. he said he hoped they could soon return home, though he is still working on a plan to end the violence. >> in the united states, republican presidential candidates, mitt romney is trying to steady his campaign following the release of a secret video from that and that back in may. >> on the tape, he says 40% of americans think of themselves as victims, the attacks and expect the government to look after them. he added his job as not to worry about those people. >> he has admitted the argument was not elegantly stated and he was speaking off the cuff, but he stood by his overall message. >> it is a message which i am going to carry and continue to carry which is what -- the
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president's approach is attractive to people who are not paying taxes because my discussion about lowering taxes is not as attractive to them. therefore, not likely to drop into my campaign as those who are in the middle. this is a discussion about the political process of winning the election and of course i want to help all americans. all americans have a bright and prosperous future. >> here in germany, the wealth gap is on the rise. new research from the german government shows the rich are getting richer and the poor are staying pour. >> the study found the richest 10% of german households hold more than half the country's total wealth. top earners are increasing that wealth while the bottom 10% are becoming worse off. >> the report says the state has less money with its assets shrinking by billions of euros. >> many germans don't need to look at the price of luxury goods before buying them. the economic well-being of the
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wealthiest people in the country has improved significantly in recent years according to one study. while state assets have dropped by 800 billion euros in the past 20 years, the loss of private households went up by five trillion euros. the german social organizations see the steady as a validation of their warnings that the state urgently needs more revenue. >> our reaction can only be one thing -- redistribution, higher taxes on the rest -- on the rich. >> the richest 10 percent of germans currently hold 53% of the country's total wealth, according to the study. the lower 50% of german households hold only 1% of private assets. the opposition social democrats are calling for an inheritance tax as well as a tax on financial transactions and a legal minimum-wage. >> we are going to lay out clear
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alternatives to our tax policy. that means greater taxation on the wealthy. we will be making this a campaign issue. >> as parliamentary elections approach next year, the responsibilities of the rich are said to be a key issue. >> let's turn now to our political correspondent. it seems higher taxes for the rich look likely to be a top election issue in the coming year. >> absolutely. they have already been a topic since summer. the opposition leader started talking about higher taxes on rich and as we could see it now report, some of his colleagues and his party are also saying we need a minimum wage in germany and an inheritance tax. the question is how much can the social democrat willy gained by pushing these arguments? the fact is that trend toward decreasing taxes on the highest
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earners has been in place for many years and occurred on the watch of governments either led by or included the social democratic party. >> the reasons for these increasing disparities which have been highlighted, what are they? >> it is partly a structural shift in the labour market. it is the kind of shift occurring across the industrialized world. a shift away from well-paid manufacturing jobs to jobs in the service sector that are often low wage, precarious jobs and part-time jobs. it's also a political matter because german governments to some degree support of that shift in an effort to reduce unemployment. it has had that effect. unemployment is down, but there are lot of germans and other people in other countries who can barely live from the wages they are earning. >> thank you very much. a puzzling thing happen that the market on monday evening --
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about three minutes, the price of oil inexplicably dropped by more than $5. >> there are a few theories as to why that happened, but analysts suspect it was because of a false entry in the electronic trading system. in chicago, orders to sell jumped 300 times their normal level of a short time. regulatory bodies plan to investigate cause. well prices continue to drop today. brent crude was trading at $113 per barrel. let's bring in our markets correspondent who is standing by at the frankfurt stock exchange. put this into perspective. is this plunge affected markets today? >> note: although it is good news, it's not affecting the new year. -- no, although it is good news, it is not affecting the market here. the european central bank announcement to buy bonds and the fed's decision to help the
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u.s. economy until it shows a real improvement field risk appetite. this leads to profit-taking. even better than expected economic news could not improve the mood here. sentiment improved for the first time in four months, but the market is not driven by that. the german dax is down 0.6%. the dow jones, barely unchanged, but the bureau is under pressure. >> thank you. >> one of europe's most important route -- most important museums, the louvre and paris, has an entire wing dedicated to islamic art. >> the french president used the occasion to denounce muslims who destroyed ancient shrines. he says islam is more tolerant than the extremists to climb to
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speak for it. >> the museum on thousands of cultural treasures from the islamic world which will not be on display for the public. >> the new islamic wing of the world famous museum was officially opened by the french president. islamic art works from the islamic world that have been collected over hundreds of years have their own building on the grounds. it's enough space to display 3000 objects, three times more than usual. he sees it as a way to promote trust, and peace. the goal is to increase the knowledge of islam and the west. >> the honor of the islamic civilization lies in being the oldest, most likely, most tolerant than some of those who wrongly claimed today to talk on their behalf. >> at a cost of almost 100 million euros, it was financed mostly by the french government and the museum itself.
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but many also came from the arabic world. countries like morocco, kuwait, and on as well as private donors. >> you are watching "the journal" coming to you from berlin. we take a short break now, but after the break, we look at the rising crime and honduras. >> and what -- and why more south africans are driving bmws, ne >> welcome back. the small country of honduras in central america has won distinction is not proud of. >> the united nations office of
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drugs list honduras as a country with the world's highest murder rate. that appears to be rising. the u.n. says nearly 92 people were murdered per 100,000 in the country. >> that puts honduras far ahead of other countries with high murder rates like of salvador and jamaica. authorities have been unable to stop the violence, as we hear in this special report. >> when night falls in san pedro select, the police step up their presence. the officers stick to the periphery of the slums, afraid to enter the most dangerous areas. there -- they are the turf of crime gangs. the police gave up their all long time ago. >> this officer wants to remain anonymous for fear of retribution. he says this area is so poor that many residents go into the city center to steal because otherwise they have nothing to eat.
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then a call comes in. the police reporter and photographer set off to investigate the evening's first murder. sometimes, he says it is to four different crime scenes in one night. before they arrive, onlookers have gathered at the scene. the victim is inside a taxi just 5 meters away. the spectacle goes on for hours. a investigators examined the victim's body in front of the locals. police want to show they're taking action, although no one seems to believe the case will ever be solved. >> it's better to keep quiet. nobody will say anything because we are too afraid. >> that people's fears have increased since a military coup in honduras three years ago. then, the president was ousted after he tried to change the hunter is constitution to let him serve a second term.
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the leader of the coup was quickly sworn in as the new president. the honduran population saw laws being broken by its leaders. no one was held accountable. this has created uncertainty and instability. political repression is reported to be on the rise. and nowhere in the world is the danger of dying violently as great as it is in honduras. every day, there are more people mourning their loved ones. it can happen to anybody. two girls, aged 6 and 16 were raped in their home and shot dead. at the mother says the pain is unbearable. >> how can it be that from one minute to the next, my daughters are no longer here? i felt totally helpless and vulnerable. that's how is this country. we feel totally vulnerable to this crime and nobody cares. nobody investigates.
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>> no one is immune to the violence. well-off find some protection, barricaded behind high security walls. but 60% of hondurans live in poverty. amid desolation, many people are lured by a gang is promising a better life. little is done to stop the kidnappings, torture, murder, that makes honduras' the world's most dangerous country. >> in this country, 95 percent of murders committed against but go on salt. the same holds true for murdered journalists. -- go unsolved. in most cases, nobody was held accountable for the crimes. there are no penalties, a trial, a justice. >> it the killings are becoming ever more commonplace. they say it doesn't matter who you are or where you have achieved. in the end, you are just one
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more statistic. >> the south african president is in brussels meeting with european union officials for a summit on trade and foreign policy. >> one issue likely to be addressed is a highly controversial police shootings of striking workers at mine in south africa. >> leaders are also expected to discuss the further strengthening of better ties. european union is the largest trading partner for south africa and 90% of their trade was liberalized agreed to agree that with bmw. >> shiny new bmws have become a popular status symbol for the burgeoning black middle class. the doorman long in this show room. they sell some 60 brand-new models a month. -- they don't remain long in this show room. >> aspiring people, people doing well in their business or well on the corporate ladder and people who are up and coming,
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black people have done well for themselves and becoming better people. >> >> the powerful status symbols are manufactured right here in south africa. this young man is working in frame and body construction. he has been on a full-time contract for one year and makes 800 euros a month. he used to do the job as a low- paid temporary worker. >> the only difference is now i know i'm on a contract. i can be able to satisfy my needs in order to buy my needs. that's the only difference. >> bmw is planning to hire a further 600 workers by the end of the year. the plant will be operating
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round-the-clock to meet demand. output will be boosted from 50,000 to 90,003 series next year. most of the bmw's made here are not destined for the domestic market. >> more than 75% to 85% of what is produced here is destined for export markets like the usa, canada, japan, and it recently we have just been given a certificate to start exporting to china. >> 250 cars roll off the assembly line here every year. most of the workers can't even aspire to own any kind of car, let alone a bmw. >> of the past the years, the resin that prices have dominated the headlines. the negative news seems to have left marks on germans. >> almost half of germans
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believe the country would be better off without the european union. that's according to a recent survey. >> this must be disappointing news for the german government, which is currently hosting a conference on more european integration. >> war europe -- that has been berlin pause answer to the debt crisis all along. at the fight its banister together with 10 of its counterparts has made another proposal for tighter european integration, including shared border protection and european monetary fund. >> the lesson to be learned from the crisis is we need more europe. but we also need a better europe. >> when asked about european union membership, only 52% said it was advantage, the lowest approval rating yet from germany. slightly higher approval from the french at 54% compared to 65% of poles who view it
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european union membership as a plus. it means fewer of his fellow citizens agree that more europe is the way to go. >> it may be that even the so- called good european already feels european integration has gone far enough. now we need a room at -- now we need a reaction from europeans telling politicians not to overdo things. >> he says in the end, nation states need to seek more sovereignty to europe as well as better coordinating their national policies. he says those are the lessons to be learned from the crisis. >> in soccer news, dortmund is kicking off its champion >> after a successful domestic season, they're determined to prove their credentials on the
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european level. but have the toughest group of the season and a tough match against the dutch champions. >> dortmund may be the reigning champs, the club has disappointed in international play. in their past two champions league campaigns come a failed to pass the group phase. fans expect more this time around. >> we learned a lesson from our matches last year. as a whole, our performance was not so bad, but i think the team has come a long way since then. >> department are not taking their dutch opponents lightly. the coach has only praise for amsterdam. >> they focus on a strong offense. they're fast and have good technical skills and their offensive tactics are excellent. this will be a real challenge. >> they have also have little international success, but the
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dutchman are optimistic about their prospects. the top players are fit for the match. they view it as a battle of equals. >> the qualification for the 2014 world cup and brazil has already begun. fans have been given a preview of the tournament's official mascot. it is an armadillo, a three- banded armadillo to be exact, an endangered species native to brazil. all he needs now is a game. brazilians have until november to cast their votes. finally from us, the british royal family has won an injunction against a french tabloid published topless photos of the duchess of cambridge. badges ruled -- judges ruled the french edition of the magazine may not publish it a more topless pictures of prince william's why. >> the magazine is banned from selling the photos.
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the images can be seen in its current edition in france. >> an important victory for the couple's privacy, and have a right to it. >> probably not the last we'll hear from the story. but it is the last you will hear from us. we have to go. >> thank you for being with us.
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